Embroidery & Printing Sizes

This is a reference to give you an idea of how big your design will be.

All measurements are approximate.  Your design may be a little smaller or larger depending on the garment and the design.

  •  Cap or Visor 2” high x 4.25” wide
  • Left or Right Chest (Heart Area) 4.00” High x 4.00” wide
  • Youth Full Chest 00” high x 10.50” wide
  • Adult Full Chest 50” high x 12.00” wide
  • Strip Size ( going down a leg or sleeve)    3”00  high x 12.00” long

  Please note:  All garments are not sewn the same and not all sizes will fit on all garments.  Example: A heart design will probably not work on a tank top.  We will inform you if there is any mismatches between your design and the garment you have chosen.